Reseller Application

We are working with the mission in our minds to become a jewelry brand, where our customers trade safely and savourily without any compromise on the total quality with a service conception that keeps up with the modern era. We are also proud of making both our resellers and customers happy with a participative perspective. Storks possesses the characteristics of a business club comprising of entrepreneurs taking these thoughts as their mission, thus letting its customers to get the valuable jewelries safely.

Storks Resellers

  • The services are provided in line with the expectations of the customers within the store conception designed to offer an efficient retail jewelry experience.
  • The customers are satisfied in all aspects, including their needs and expectations with a high quality product range that is suitable for each and every need.
  • It secures the trading process with Storks Certification, as well as with the HRD Jewelry reports for gemstones.

Do not hesitate to contact us to become a member of Storks family and also to become a Storks reseller in your region.