Store Concept

Being actualized with the motto for the resellers "easy to establish & easy to provide services", and for the customers "easy to get in & easy to get services", the store concept was designed in a manner having a neat design in order to bring the jewelries into the forefront. The new-generation jewelry customer has been adopted to the store concept after being analyzed in terms of their expectations from a jewelry store. In the store concept, the topic "experience" stands out and shines the most in terms of the expectation of the age group between 25 to 45 from a retail jewelry store. Along with the jewelry trade, we are providing services to let our customers get what they dream via an exceptional jewelry experience, thus working for the happiness of our customers. .

Storks Experience

The role of jewelry consultants in Storks Jewelry Experience

We are aware of the fact that it is not possible to sustain the Storks Jewelry Experience just with the store concept, and therefore we value our jewelry consultants. We know that the key for our customers to have the best jewelry purchasing experience is through the jewelry consultants, and we also care about their experiences in diamond and sales.

Stork Warranty Certificate

Storks Warranty Certificate comprises of the technical statements that we made during the process of purchasing the jewelry. It comes with the product you buy for returning, replacing and maintaining processes.

HRD Antwerp Jewelry Reports

We register our gemstones with both the Storks Certification and also with the international HRD Antwerp jewelry reports that we offer for each and every purchasing process of solitaire products, thus providing confidence in jewelry trading. For more information, please visit: .

Storks Experience
Storks Experience

Storks CLUB

There are many ways to market a product or a service and providing the potential clients and customers with testimonials is one of the best ways to market. The power of testimonials can never be underestimated. People, especially nowadays, will only purchase products or avail services which have been referred to them by people whom they know. But most of the times, this is not an option that is in the hands of the business owner, he has to do the next best thing, which is to get testimonials from his past clients. Testimonials are living statements from past customers or clients which states that they were satisfied by the product/ service.